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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 20, 2013 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. it is time for awesome videos from the web "right this minute." >> hey. >> a fire fighter rushes to help a child as his helmet cam shows just how incredible this guy really is. >> how he led a band of heroes to save a little girl and her mom. a crazy skateboarder zigzags through traffic. >> doesn't slow down at all. >> how he survived the latest bump in the road. >> that's how i ride every day
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here in mexico city. >> a mermaid stays under water for a very long time. >> it does make your lungs hurt. >> what one discovered when he got an up close look. >> and ana ken drikz has a new video. how one guy's one after do the cup song and a punishment. >> how is that a punishment? >> have you done a shot of 151? >> no. >> watch. a fire broke out at an apartment complex in sea side, california and the fire department rushed to the scene. you can see the fire truck pulls up and you already have emergency workers on the scene and you see someone being rescued from a second story window. this fire fighter who has this helmet cam on, he catches something out of the corner of his eye. he goes running after this
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police officer. you see the officer with the helmet on. that officer is carrying a child. >> hey! hey, right here. >> oh, my goodness. >> you see the officer turn around. he brings the child back to the engine of this fire truck. the this little girl is only three years old. severely burned and was taken to the hospital and she is expected to survive. this isn't over for this fire fighter. he knows that this little girl is in goods hands with this officer so he runs back. >> you see him spraying water into the fire. as you see, flames just shooting out of the window. >> was everybody out okay by this time? >> at this point we do believe everyone was out. >> non-stop running from one place to the next trying to do everything and all he can.
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>> we're at the door. >> and then he heads straight into the burning building with the flames coming out of the windows. it is pitch black inside. moments of light, helmet light, and it is nearly impossible to see what's going on. >> right behind you. >> it looks like soot on the camera. >> there is debris. you hear them with what sounds like buzz saws trying to cut through debris. then once he is out of this burning building, he goes back to his men and listen to what he says. >> hang out here. here is water. >> the fire fighters did get the fire under control. five people were injured. no fatalities thanks to the amazing work of these fire fighters. this is dash cam footage that comes to us from russia. it is incredibly difficult to watch. you see this driver following
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that small black car. there are four people in that car. for about a minute it is a very uneventful drive except when they are getting ready to drive past this railroad crossing. >> wow. >> that's terrible. >> unfortunately two people died and two were injured. >> this shows the importance of having one of those bars, having a cross arm that comes down that just blocks traffic. >> any time you cross the tracks, it is a good idea to be extra careful, to look both ways just like when you cross the street. >> they may not have been paying that much attention. >> there are no audio signals. >> you don't even hear a warning coming from the train itself. >> like steven was saying, you have to be very, very careful. >> someone that isn't very careful is this long border in mexico. he starts the video by saying this is a professional skateboarder and also an idiot. don't try to do this.
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and you will see why he calls himself an idiot. it is not exactly slowing down at the cross street. at this point he is riding close to the motorcyclist and doesn't slow down at all. >> yikes. >> and then this. >> got clipped by the front of the car. >> and then we see him leaning on a wall obviously in pain and seems to be okay. the woman is the driver of the car that he ran into. she was offering to take him to the doctor. >> we did talk to him via skype. he showed us his injuries and admits to being a little crazy. >> it was a crazy accident. i just got a few scratches. my knees are a little bit scratched. >> that's how i ride every day here in mexico city. >> everybody says to me all the time, yeah, i am a little crazy, but i love to skate. i love to skate fast. i always use my knee pads, elbow pads, and my helmet. >> hot pursuit from the waters
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near kazakhstan. what we're watching in this video we believe to be sturgeon poachers on the waters and the video is being shot from the police after these guys. ba lug asturgeon weigh somewhere near 200 pounds or more aa lot of times caught for caviar. you can imagine the money they can make from catching these and a lot of times the females, one third of their weight is made up of eggs, so that's a lot of caviar we're talking about here. in the video we're seeing the police trying to track down the guys and at one point the believe to be poachers ram their boat into the police. watch this. they're getting dangerously close to the police and at one point you see the police with firearms firing at these guys. in the past police have confiscated something like 1.5
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tons of sturgeon from poachers like these. you can understand why thiss a biis area. >> it is all over caviar, it is hard to wrap your brain around. they're speeding in the boat on the ocean and ski masks and looks menacing. >> looks like they're running drugs but it is caviar. >> serious business in the area. this video is from last fall. it just came out. these four men were recently sentenced to a year in prison because of this. i am about to show you two amazing things. number one, a mermaid. number two, she is going to break her own record. >> i didn't know mermaids set records. >> this is mermaid melissa. she is human. you can hire her out former made services. here she will attempt to break her record of holding her breath 4 minutes and 18 seconds. she will try to go longer. she is breaking a sea world record. she holds a rock in her lap and
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doesn't want to move around to conserve her energy and breath. >> she sits there for well over four minutes. >> as you watch her, it does make your lungs hurt. >> 4:18 she is still under the water. she has broken her own record. how long will she go? 4:32. >> whoa! >> i do love how the guy came over and once he realized she was a real person -- >> that sounds impressive to us she can do it for 4:32. but he can hold his breath for 22 minutes. >> huh-uh. >> the guinness world record holder for holding his breath sustained under water. >> how does he do it? it is probably a combination of breathing control and meditation. >> he teaches that in his breathology class if you want to try it. a man walks into a police station, pulls a gun on a cop.
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>> and then the officer fired two shots at him. >> shots fired. man down! >> why police say the man pulled a fakeout to get taken out. and how to trick a guy into asking you out. >> this gets them every time. >> the key is to get the guy to
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out you can see today's videos and more all day long. police in illinois have released this video of what happened when a man came into the police department. you can see that they have two cameras running so you can see this video from two different angles. >> if you look at the top video, you see a man. he comes into the police department. an officer talks to the man. >> police say the man told the officer he wanted to report an accident that happened in the city of mundalay, so the
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officers offered to drive him to that police department. they say that's when the man pulled a gun. >> a male with a gun. >> in the police station. >> in the police station. the officer as you see walks back and hides behind a wall. he says at that point the man pulled back the slide on the handgun, took several steps forward, and then the officer fired two shots at him. he hit him once in the abdomen. >> shots fired. man down. man down. get an ambulance. >> at that point the officer comes in and kicks the gun away. vernon hills police say the gun was a replica. it was a fake gun. >> was he hoping for suicide by cop? >> according to police, when they checked the man's pockets, they found a note. in this handwritten note it stated i i apologize for placing your officers in this position. i am dying from cancer and couldn't do the deed myself. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> wow. >> was this shot to the abdomen fatal for this guy? no. after he was treated at the hospital he was taken to jail and is being held on charges of aggravated assault. at this point police would not make a comment whether or not the man does have cancer. this one is from a single lady out there, tricks to get guys to ask you out. >> so the girls put the video together. >> i will go up and say hi. hi. now is the good part where i smile and bat my eye lashes. >> does that work? >> i laugh at things he says even if they're not that funny. >> i did my taxes the other day and i couldn't find all receipts. >> i love the girl being the dude. she is great. >> i make pl and i make it seem like it was his idea. >> the key is to get the guy to
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believe he can -- >> since you don't have a ticket but i do, but i don't have a ride but you have a car. >> you have to give them that much? keep going, girls? >> dumb as a door nail, this lady dude. >> that was a good way. is there a bad way? >> there is a bad way. >> i will go up to him while he is flirting with another girl he obviously really likes. >> don't do that. >> you could get punched. >> by the girl. >> then i will get awkwardly close and stare up at him. since no one is saying anything i will stop thinking and say something really mean. >> your rereading harrell is getting worse. my ex had a really great head of hair. >> that's cardinal rule. do not bring up the ex ever. >> if you see them and really like them go up to them and say -- >> ahhh. works every time. what's up? cool. talking to me? sounds great. let's do this. all the road ragers of the
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world just need to take a chill pill like this guy. something happens here caught on the dash cam. watch what he does. he gets out and goes up to the car in front of his and starts yelling, screaming, putting his head in the window. watch what happens. two dudes come out after he slams the door in the face and these guys apparently brothers according to the youtube poster come out and start swinging on this guy and now he is the one running away. started a fight he couldn't finish. >> started a fight he couldn't finish and guess who he called for support? watch this. yeah. >> serious? >> a woman believed to be his mom. watch this. she comes up and says you boys better get out of here. >> no way. i was just kidding. >> really don't know if it is his mom. he hides behind this woman and getting the two other guys to get out of there. this woman had to come and diffuse the situation that this guy started in the first place.
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>> don't go up and try to fight somebody because two brothers may come out and kick your butt and you have to ask mom for help. >> what a big baby. >> take a chill pill. >> right. >> like the '90s. video of this guy crashing conversations. >> classic response. >> see how this plays out next "right this minute." and still to come, making a muchk video to reveal big news to the world. >> getting ready, a chance -- >> i like he laid down the beat using only baby toys. >> the surprise behind the song next. doing a human newton cradle to prove the shark helmet is better than the rest. >> whoa. >> that has to hurt. >> the question really is, was th 97
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we can always depend on film buffs to make pretty awesome videos. this particular film buff is douglas woodhouse in boston, massachusetts, and he is making this video for a very specific reason. ♪ >> as you can see he made the film to announce to his family
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and friends he and his wife kelsey are expecting a little one. ♪ >> just so you know through the power of the internet you can find out a lot of things about people. their anniversary is june 23rd. >> getting ready and here is what we're going to do. ♪ >> i am strangely mesmerized, can i say that? >> it is a self respecting afro. >> i like he laid down the beat using only baby toys. ♪ >> i like it. it is sweet. >> congratulations, douglas and kelsey. >> nailed it. ♪
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i am going to show you a demonstration on momentum and energy like you have never seen before. >> sixth grade science fair project. >> was it called the muten's cradle by any chance? they are going to experiment in a human newton's cradle. >> whoa. >> it is five dguys. they're all wearing a silver helmet. the way we know it works is when you release it on one end the energy sends it into the air. >> tell me that doesn't hurt, the back of your head crashing into your buddy? >> they tried it with random silver helmets and then they put on shark helmets. >> is that the commercial for how much energy and force a shark helmet can absorb? >> very possibly so. check this out.
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>> whoa. >> the question really is, was this real or was it staged? >> well, for the second one one they could all be like connected and don't go flying. >> or you really could have a really well made helmet. >> or there is a guy on the top of the ropes going like this. >> a marionet operator. >> yeah. >> watch what happens. didn't that look weird. >> they cut and reversed it. >> cool idea to think about. >> yeah. >> very few people will try to recreate this or maybe they will. >> does make you want to a shark helmet. >> i need one. the best. mess up the cubs song and the wheel of punishment. >> it is a lot of punishment. here we go. is. >> see what happens next.
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what you got is a guy on a scooter taxi in bangkok, thailand. >> the guy with the camera is the passenger. >> as you can see, the traffic in bangkok is terrible. lots of brakelights, lots of traffic jams, lots of people trying to change lanes with no real success. >> this scooter says, you know what? >> taking the sidewalk. >> sidewalk, nice. >> things get a little bit alarming just as he passes this giant pile of motorcycles parked on the side of the road.
10:26 am
a woman with a small child in her arms comes out a bit startled by the guy and you will notice lots of scooters parked on the sidewalk and makes me think lots of them drive on the sidewalks. >> if i am the passenger, i am giving him a bigger tip. >> you say i want the jason bourne slow speed chase and he is getting him where he needs to go. great news. if you are a fan of the 2012 movie pitch perfect, there will be a sequel coming out in 2015. ana kendrick performed this in the movie. ♪ >> now, many people are talking about this video that ana kendrick, one of the lovely stars of pitch perfect came out with to the cubs song when i am gone. she is working in a diner and
10:27 am
goes out to the restaurant and patrons are doing the cup thing, too, and a lot of other people trying to do the cup thing including ryan jones from guyism. >> i can neither sing nor play a cup but i will try to do ana kendrick's cup song from pitch perfect with dire consequences every time i mess up. >> he will spin the wheel and face the punishment. it is a lot of punishment. >> here we go. okay. >> right off the bat messes up, spins the we'll, lanz on shot of 151. >> off to a great start. >> how is that punishment? >> have you done a shot of 151? >> no. >> watch. >> oh, god. >> it is gross. >> i would think a shot of 151 would make this harder. >> now he is getting -- >> oh! that's awful. is that a girl?
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>> a girl giving a twister of a certain kind which i think you can identify. >> some people may consider that -- well. >> he spins the wheel again and now a chop to the chest. this time a kick in the leg. a wax hair removal. >> ow. >> paper cut. lands on indian burn. he is supposed to get spit in his face. >> oh, man. >> she does a shot of 151, and watch what happens. >> [ bleep ]. >> got to admire his sick tu i haveness. he keeps trying and that's hard to do. >> two bottles. >> i know. i know. >> see the whole thing by heading to our website and click on best of rtm.
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